Round Full Port Plug Valves

What is VSI Waterworks’ PVII Plug Valve?

The VSI Waterworks’ PVII plug valve is a round full 100% port valve. Designed for the best flow characteristics possible, the Series PVII plug valves are ideal for modern sewage and sludge applications combined with high efficiency pumps to squeeze the most capacity out of every pipeline.

Unlike many plug valves from other valve manufacturers, the Series PVII eccentric plug fully clears the port when open. This results in a valve that is capable of being pigged by even semi-rigid type plugs and has flow coefficients of up to 20% greater than competitor’s full port plug valves.

Series PVII Plug Valve Features

The PVII plug valve features an eccentric plug that is fully encapsulated with a choice of resilient materials, assuring a corrosion-free life. A solid corrosion resistant metal seating surface is welded to the body to prevent pitting and subsequent leaking.

The bolted cover and bonnet allows the entire valve to be rebuilt without removing the valve from the line. All sizes feature adjustable packing. An available ISO 5211 or MSS SP-101 actuator attachment makes automation a painless experience.

Valves in this line are designed and constructed to meet and exceed AWWA C517.

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Series PVII Plug Valve Specification:

For more information on our Series PVII plug valves, please click the Documentation tab on the left or send us an email. If you prefer to speak with one of our engineers, please call 770-740-0800.

• Size Range: 3″-8″ (80-200mm)
• Temperature Range: to 275F
• Pressure Ratings: 250psi CWP
• Body Material: Ductile iron
• Plug Material: Ductile iron, , stainless steel
• Connection: Flanged, mechanical joint
• Operator: Lever, hand wheel, chain wheel, nut, pneumatic, hydraulic, electric
• Available Options: Special materials, custom bolt patterns
*Many other options are available upon request


Size Description Document
3"-12" PVII-101 Series PVII Brochure PVII-101 Series PVII Brochure
3"-12" PVII-102 Sales Sheet PVII-102 Sales Sheet
3"-12" AWWA C517 PVII VSI Specifications AWWA C517 PVII VSI Specifications
3"-72" Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manual VRSP-4
All Sizes Plug Valve Gear Orientation Sheet Plug Valve Gear Orientation Sheet
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