Metal Seated Gate Valves

VSI Waterworks’ Series GVII Gate Valves

The VSI Waterworks’ GVII is based off the tried and true metal seated wedge gate valve design, which is available in sizes of 2″ to 72″.

The gate features two independent seating surfaces and is fully bi-directional. The body features a full free open passageway equal to the nominal line size to minimize pumping losses. The simple two moving component construction practically eliminates inadvertent damage.

Valves in this line are designed and constructed to meet and exceed AWWA C500.

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  • Size Range: 2-72″ (50-1800mm)
  • Temperature Range: to 400F
  • Body Material: Ductile iron, cast iron
  • Gate Material: Ductile iron, cast iron
  • Stem Material: Stainless steel, bronze
  • Seat Material: Stainless steel, bronze, monel
  • Connection: Flanged, mechanical joint, tapping
  • Operator: Hand wheel, chain wheel, nut, pneumatic, hydraulic, electric
  • Available Options: Special materials, custom bolt patterns, outside stem and yoke, bypass per AWWA C500
    *Many other options are available upon request.


Size Description Document
2"-72" Product Data Sheet AWWA C500 Brochure R2
2"-16" Material Cross Section List, Direct Operator GVII-1022R2
2"-24" Material Cross Section List, OSY Mount GVII-2021R2
2"-24" Material Cross Section List, Valve with Spur Gear GVII-1075R2
24"-48" Material Cross Section List, Barestem GVII-1055R1
2"-24" FL with Direct Handwheel Dimensions GVII-1023R3
2"-16" FL with Direct Chainwheel Dimensions GVII-1024R3
2"-16" MJ with Direct Nut Operator Dimensions GVII-1050R3
2"-16" Flanged OSY with Handwheel Operator Dimensions GVII-2040
2"-24" Flanged Spur Gear Dimensions GVII-1080R2
24"-48" FL Metal Seated Valve with Spur Gear and Nut Dimensions GVII-1060R2
30"-48" MJ Metal Seated Spur Gear with Nut Dimensions GVII-1065R1
30"-48" FLxMJ Metal Seated Valve with Spur Gear and Nut Dimensions GVII-1070R1
48" FL with Bevel Gear and Rollers/Tracks GVII-1021R1
2"-48" AWWA C500 Proof of Design C500-SMF-POD
2"-48" Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manual VMG-4 MAR 2022
2"-72" 1 Year Warranty Warranty 1 Year From Acceptance
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