Electric Actuators (Series 1000-X and 1000/S-X )

VSI’s Series 1000-X and 1000/S-X Electric Actuator use proven technology to provide reliable valve and damper automation.  They are available in many control configurations including open/close service and modulating position control.

With a deadband adjustable down to 0.5% and an 80% duty cycle modulating service, Series 1000-X and 1000/S-X actuators provide accurate dependable automation packages.

Here is an example of a Series 1000-X Electric Actuator application.  It’s VSI’s popular Series V Ball Valve with Series 1000-X Actuator.

  • Torque Output Range: 443 in-lb to 22,127 in-lb.
  • Housing: NEMA 4 / 4X watertight, corrosion-resistant, powder coated, robust die cast aluminum.
  • Mounting: ISO 5211 Standard mounting configurations.
  • Electric Motor: 120VAC, single phase, 60Hz totally enclosed, non-ventilated, high starting torque, reversible induction type, Class F insulation.
  • Thermal Overload Motor Protection: Auto reset thermal switch embedded in the motor winding – trips when the maximum winding temperature is exceeded.
  • Auxiliary Limit Switches: 2 x SPDT for Open and Close travel limit – easily adjustable, cam operated.
  • Position Indicator: Mechanical dome type with visible red/yellow closed/open indicator.
  • Terminal Strip: Refer to wiring diagrams for details.
  • Conduit Entries: 2 x 1/2” NPT for power and control wiring.
  • Power Gears: Alloy steel spur gears to final stage aluminum bronze worm sector gear.
  • Motor Brake: An electro-mechanical brake is NOT required. The worm gear drive prevents back driving and hunting.
  • Bearings: High quality alloy steel sleeve and ball bearings.
  • Manual Override: Allen Handle or optional Handwheel.
  • Ambient Temperature Range: -31°F to +150°F.
  • Certification and Approvals: CE, NEMA 4 / 4X, NRTL, CSA File 226201.
  • Internal Heater: Prevents condensation buildup inside of the actuator.
  • Manual Override Power Switch: Disconnects power from the actuator without the need to disconnect power from the terminals or the panel. Not available on 1005-X or

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