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We Provide The Best-quality Municipal Valve Products and valve automation services.

Since 1995, VSI Waterworks has been manufacturing Butterfly, Plug, Gate, Ball and Check valves. Often, we are able to alter our valve for special applications utilizing our engineering and manufacturing capabilities to produce valves that comply with every specification presented.

VSI Waterworks is one of the leading valve contract manufacturers in the world. We are focused on building a superior line of AWWA valves for municipal markets, and actively pursue equal status by exceeding minimum specifications, while providing excellent value and availability.

We not only manufacture valves, but we are proud that we rigorously test all of our valves at our own distribution facility to ensure quality control before shipping.

In addition to our domestic and international valve manufacturing facilities, we have forged strategic alliances with all of the leading niche actuator manufacturers.

We are Quality Conscious first and foremost, and we have Proof of Designs for all of our valves. We are an ISO 9001 certified facility for Procurement, Assembly, and Testing.

We also have a field staff extensively trained in the start-up of actuated and manual valves. Our workforce is one of the best trained in the industry; 90% of our sales and support staff have Engineering Baccalaureate degrees from accredited U.S. universities. Additionally, we have zero geographic restrictions.

If you have further questions about VSI Waterworks’ valves and automation please contact us.

What makes a VSI Valve

  • Standard Bonnet

    Standard VSI Waterworks valves include a removable bolted bonnet. This allows direct operator mounting and includes flanges to either ISO 5211 or MSS SP101 depending on the project requirements.

    By eliminating additional brackets and couplers, VSI Waterworks is able to reduce cost and even allow untrained personnel to mount these operators.

    Whether the desired operator is a manual gear, electric actuator, pneumatic actuator, or any number of other operators, all operators on the market come with these standard mounts.

    Buying from a company that does not comply with these widely accepted standards is buying outdated equipment.

  • Adjustable Packing

    Unlike the majority of our competitors who use o-rings as shaft seals, VSI Waterworks is committed to using only the leading v-packing ring designs.

    While this adds slight complexity to the assembly of the valve, it assures that the valve will not leak through the stem under any condition.

    The packing is fully adjustable and in some instances replaceable while the line is under full pressure.

    The packing is not reliant on the operator to maintain a seal on the shaft as some of our competitors.

  • Standard Premium Materials

    All VSI Waterworks valves use ductile iron as a standard for bodies and discs/gates.

    With a tensile strength over double that of the cast iron our competitors use, ductile iron is the ideal valve material.

    In addition, all shafts are stainless steel 304 as standard. The EPDM for our seats and seals is peroxide cured or sulfur cured.

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