High Performance Butterfly Valves

Series 9000 High-Performance Butterfly Valves

VSI’s Series 9000 high performance butterfly valves’ double eccentric design incorporates industry proven design with VSI’s commitment to supplying versatile valves for all industries.

Engineered with a bi-directional zero leakage seat with an emphasis on low operating torque, this high performance valve is ideal for many projects.

Available as a tested package with a wide range of electric and pneumatic actuators and accessories to fit any application.

Our Series 9000 Butterfly valves range in sizes from 2 to 12 inches. Contact us at 770-740-0800 for more details.

Series 9000 High-Performance Butterfly Valve Product Documentation

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Stem design: Available in square shaft for easy mounting of actuators, levers and gear operators.
Top flange: Conforms to ISO 5211 for the mounting of actuators, levers and gear operators.
One piece shaft: Maintains disc position.
Blow-out proof shaft: Guarantees shaft containment, and leak mitigation, in the case of extreme failure situations
Shaft pins: Enables a vibration free connection between the shaft and the disc.
Bushings: High performance PTFE bushings provide correct alignment of shaft through the body and reduces torque. Stainless steel reinforcement prevents creep and compression in high temperature applications.
Stem seal: Positive seal in both directions to prevent leakage.
Disc edge: Smooth finished disc edge provides superior seal, reduces valve torque and provides bubble tight shutoff.
Bi-directional body & seat design: Suitable for bi-directional use at full rated pressure.
100% tested: Every valve is fully in VSI’s ISO 9001 facility to ensure performance and reliability. The body is hydrostatically tested to 1.5 times pressure rating. The seat is tested to 1.1 times pressure rating and at 50psi to ANSI Class VI zero leakage. Every valve is serialized and test report is available.

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