Butterfly Valves Double/Triple Offset with Replaceable Seat/Seal

VSI Waterworks’ Series BFIII Butterfly Valves

The VSI Waterworks’ BFIII Butterfly Valve is the ultimate flow control valve for waterworks systems, available in line sizes from 8” to 72”.

Valves in this line are designed and constructed to meet or exceed AWWA C504. The resilient seat is held on the disc by a single piece retainer made of a choice of corrosion resistant materials. The body mounted seating surface is constructed of a solid piece of corrosion resistant material that is also field replaceable. The rebuildable nature of the Series BFIII make it perfect for throttling of line media with abrasive characteristics. The double offset design also has an inherently low operating torque that helps offset the ever-rising cost of valve actuation.

The robust nature of these valves means that they will be in service for many years, and it will outlast the actuator used to control it.

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  • Size Range: 8″-72” (80-1800mm)
  • Temperature Range: to 400F
  • Pressure Ratings: 150psi, 250psi CWP
  • Velocity Ratings: 16 ft/sec per AWWA C504 Class 150B or 250B
  • Body Material: Ductile iron, cast iron
  • Disc Material: Ductile iron, cast iron, bronze, stainless steel
  • Seat: EPDM, NBR, PTFE, FPM
  • Seat Retainer/Seating Surface: Bronze, stainless steel, special alloys
  • Connection: Flanged
  • Operator: Lever, hand wheel, chain wheel, nut, pneumatic, hydraulic, electric
  • Available Options: Special materials, AWWA long body lay length, custom bolt patterns, higher velocity
    *Many other options are available upon request.


Size Description Document
8"-72" Product Data Sheet 504HP-103-0114
8"-72" Valve Specifications 504HP-102-DA
8" Material Cross Section List BFIII-1021R2
10"-14" Material Cross Section List BFIII-1022R4
16"-20" Material Cross Section List BFIII-1023R3
24"-30" Material Cross Section List BFIII-1024R3
36"-72" Material Cross Section List BFIII-1050
8"-30" Barestem Valve Dimensions BFIII-1025R5
8"-30" Valve Dimensions with Worm Gear and Handwheel BFIII-1030R1
8"-30" Valve Dimensions with Worm Gear and Nut Op. BFIII-1035R1
36"-72" Valve Dimensions Barestem BFIII-1055
60" Barestem Valve Dimensions and Materials BFIII-60-DIDI-316316-BS
72" Barestem Valve Dimensions and Materials BFIII-72LB-DIDI-316316-EPEP-BS-032713-R2.1
8"-20" AWWA C504 Proof of Design Certification 504HP-12-POD
24"-42" AWWA C504 Proof of Design Certification 504HP-30-POD
48"-72" AWWA C504 Proof of Design Certification 504HP-60-POD
8"-72" Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manual BFIII C504 HP IOM
8"-72" 1 Year Warranty Warranty 1 Year From Acceptance
8"-42" Torque Chart Torque Chart
72" Picture 72" Custom BFIII with Limitorque Acutators
60" Picture 60" BFIII Barestem
10" Picture 10" BFIII with Beck Actuator
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